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She’s not flying until she’s at least 16.

We were most definitely those parents. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones with the melting down child on a plane? The ones that before you had kids you were sure they were lousy parents? The ones that after you had kids you cried a few sympathy tears for and debating offering to […]

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sweet baby boyd {aka I heart chubby babies}

I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a TEN POUND FIVE AND A HALF OUNCE baby? (and no, that’s not an urban legend. It’s a fact.) So I’m going to admit, I might have pushed my sweet friend Heather into buying her nursery furniture while antiquing one weekend because I just knew it would look amazing […]

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Tips for loving friends through a loss in pregnancy

I’ve been getting emails lately about helping friends who have recently lost a baby. I decided that maybe I should blog some tips. Actually I wrote the entire post on my run this morning… in my mind. Yikes. Too bad I don’t run with my macbook. Lets hope I can remember the high points…. Let […]

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two years: two tweet-tweets

Today we are celebrating a teeny tiny life that we were so blessed to love and carry. (If you are totally lost, feel free to check out this post here to fill you in) Feb 1 is the day we lost Parker Grace. So as to keep the girls’ birthday special for C and not […]

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t w e e t s
f a c e b o o k