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three. months. old.

  I’m going to be totally honest for a moment. Clients will frequently ask me what are my favorite / least favorite type of sessions are. I have never actually admitted to anyone what my least favorite session is. until now. Three months…By far…. is my least favorite session. Just being honest. I do them… […]

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potty training: I’d rather punch myself in the face

  Potty Training. *CUSS!!!* Can I just say that I had no idea what parents go through when they “potty train” their children? It’s hell. Torture. Awful. I seriously thought I was going to loose my mind this weekend. It is seriously amazing that all of these grownups are walking around, fully capable of using […]

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shake ya tailfeather

Two posts in two days. Look out. This is the stuff world records are made of. If you are a mom of little ones or know many moms, you probably know that the post nap to bed time portion of the day is one of the most difficult times of the day. More specifically (at […]

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Big Stuff.

Disclaimer: this is a slightly emotional (happy emotional, no sad emotional) post. I blame the nursing hormones. I’m suddenly aware of the fact that my baby girl isn’t so much a baby anymore and much more of a big girl. It’s kind of just hit me all at once. (I’m talking about Campbell. Not Sydney. […]

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t w e e t s
f a c e b o o k