29.75 weeks

Apparently we’re pregnant. And before we know it, life is going to change drastically {in a wonderful way}. There will be some long nights, some crazy moments…but there will be newborn snuggles, teeny onesies in the laundry and sweet little coo’s.  Even though I’ve got a big ol’ bump sticking out, pee 23 times a night and feel the effects of an internal dance party frequently during the day {caffeine = survival when pregnant with a toddler at home} I still forget I’m pregnant. I feel guilty that I haven’t blogged about this pregnancy. But what can I say?  It’s been incredibly boring…which if you know anything of our last pregnancy, is an answer to prayers. Other than a knock down drag out with the billing department who can’t seem to understand that my husband is employed by THEIR hospital and we are covered in THEIR insurance but don’t have our little card yet, but will be paying our bill… it’s been smooth sailing. I’m not sure why that’s hard to understand, or why I even need to pay for my delivery 16 weeks before it happens, but whatever.

So at 29.75 weeks, I’m feeling good, still running {kind of}, obsessed with Taco Bueno {don’t tell Mat… } and haven’t really started the nursery. That’s not true – my mom made the bumper pad last week – and it’s adorable. After weeks of searching for pre-made bedding on the internet, I couldn’t find anything I liked… so I literally hired my mom {so that I could be bossy} and get exactly what I wanted. So far, so good=) But we’ve got a long ways to go. The painter starts next week so hopefully I’ll have some fun pictures to post in the next few weeks. A new nursery for baby means a big girl room for Campbell… which means doing the whole big girl bed thing {which will be interesting}, which I’m not really sure how I feel about, but am just throwing myself into the fun of decorating it so I don’t have to think about my “big girl” growing up. Don’t even ask me about toilet training because the answer is no. I’m not ready for her to be that much of a big girl yet. {She might still be in a diaper at her senior prom… which could actually be a good thing….}

The baby has a name… Sydney. It’s not a family name or anything, just something we both liked. We asked Campbell early on about names, and other than “twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are” {her only suggestion} this is the only other name she liked. It’s simple and classy. And I’m pretty sure it means “good napper” in some language. Right?? Right.

Campbell is quite into “baby sister” or “baby cindy” as she calls her now. She got to hear her heart beat the other day…. which after freaking out over the loud doppler sound, she has talked about the non stop for the past week. “I go to Doctor. I check baby Cindy. I check heart.” It’s pretty cute. She comes and gets on my lap and asks to see her baby, or grabs a towel and wipes off my belly and says “Baby Cindy needs a bath” {No sweet child, that’s just ice cream that dripped on mommy’s tummy… but thank you} She also thinks just about any “bump” on any body is a baby… you can fill in the blanks here… which has caused more than one interesting and hilarious conversation.

off to visit the OB with mommy…

checking on “her baby” as she calls her sometimes

And that’s life at 29.75 weeks. I can’t complain. Yes it’s hot. Yes I’m uncomfortable, but I’ve learned if you dwell on how you feel – you’ll feel much worse. So unless you catch me at a week moment, my answer is I feel great {even if it’s said with a groan and through gritted teeth}

And the instagram photo explosion? You’re welcome. They don’t really have anything to do with anything except our lives lately. Apparently my hormones are in overdrive and I’ve been quite emotional about my time with Campbell and feel like I need to document everything. So instagram and Facebook friends, forgive all the pics that you’ve been getting lately and just blame it on my hormones=)

lunch with daddy on his clinic day

Just goofing around…

The first thing with Sydney’s name on it. Playroom cushions made by my sweet mom.

the big sis

She’s currently obsessed with birthday “crowns” and insists we wear them around the house 75% of the time.


by bethany


I can’t believe you are almost mama to two. Other people’s pregnancies always fly by for me! Can’t wait to meet baby Sydney! Have you thought about spelling it Cidney? Just a thought….

Life certainly does change with a new addition…for the better of course, but still, savor those precious last weeks with Campbell.

Jenny Babington

I love that you count the .75 part. I do that too. Everyday is one day closer to done!

YAY! That baby will be here so soon. Can’t wait to meet her. And I want to see the bumper. STAT.

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