6 months: survival

Once upon a time I had one babe and was a stay at home mom.  Life was INSANE and CRAZY and SUPER STRESSFUL (if you would have asked me then. ha.) But somehow I managed to find the time to blog almost daily. (I also watched the Today show every day… those were the days) My only child had MONTHLY photo sessions & blog updates. I blogged my menus & thoughts on my super stressful life as a stay at home mom. *If you are reading this and have one baby at home and life is overwhelming… I got your back. I’m not making fun of you or belittling your situation because LORD KNOWS IT IS HARD.  The first kid really is the hardest. I was right there in your shoes. And it gets SO much easier. And a lot more fun. No really, it does.*

Just like that our little Jack is 6 months and I haven’t blogged anything since his birth story post. Oops. Our life has been a little chaotic lately. Just when I thought I was about to lose it (literally) we found out 3 out of 4 of our parents had some really serious health stuff going on (thats another post in and of itself… I want this one to be about Jack) So as you can imagine life has been crazy. But through it all God has been so very very good. And a HUGE part of that is little Jack. We had NO idea how much we were going to need this blessing of a distraction when we found out about him last year. All babies are special and a blessing. But this guy is a gift straight from God during this period in our lives.

The past 6 months have been HARD. Confession: I thought #3 was going to be a breeze. Nope. Not for us. But It’s been wonderful and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I’ve learned how to multi task in a whole new way… how to manage the BEAST cart at Target (And don’t even get me started on those moms who steal use them for their SINGLE child. Who is basically almost a teenager. And they are both enjoying their errand so much that they are sipping their lattes & munching on popcorn. Really?! Do you see me over here carrying my HUGE box of diapers with one arm and pushing the cart with the other while trying to keep my crew calm?! Sorry. Not bitter in the least), I’ve mastered the art of managing three different sizes of car seats and their specific placement in my car based on who can buckle/unbuckle themselves and the order I want them to get out of the car (toddlers in parking lots FREAK me out), I can hold a toddler on one hip (the whole parking lot thing) while carrying a carseat on the other arm, I’ve mastered cooking dinner while feeding a baby, cleaning up spitup (we have reflux and it’s OUT. OF. CONTROL.) while stepping over a toddler having a meltdown &  helping a preschooler sound out words, I’ve learned to manage bath time with all three in the tub at the same time… NOW THAT IS IMPRESSIVE.

Parenthood. If you don’t learn to laugh at yourself you’ll lose your ever loving mind.

So here’s Jack. All six months of his smiley, giggly, adorable self. And don’t tell my girls but he *MIGHT* just be my favorite. I mean, are you kidding me with that smile? And those EYES?! And THOSE EYE LASHES!!! He’s sitting, laughing, talking… all the fun stuff. He’s sleeping almost through the night (6:30-4ish), not really napping that well… but who can blame him…our life is on the go most days. He’s eating like crazy…He’s definitely my child because he inhales avocados. Life is a beautiful chaos right now. And this little man reminds me of God’s love every single day. That in the middle of this storm, God is still good. And that He loves us.

And as you can see… he gets pretty much anything he wants… all he has to do is give me this face…




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