baby jack {a birth story}

It’s ironically fitting that this is the first blog post in just over a year…. that the previous post was about our trip to Napa. {seriously…. read it. and then go there.} … and that it was on THAT trip that we decided our family of four was complete. We were done having littles. We would be a party of four and no more. Our house would be littered with pink and hair bows and baby dolls and tutus. We would excel in estrogen.

Fast forward to late November when I got a call from my best friend, laughing about her dream the night before… that I was pregnant… with “Baby L”… little did we both know that I actually WAS pregnant at that time, but didn’t know it yet. Isn’t God hilarious? Most people don’t want their kiddos to know they were a surprise… honestly, I love it. Because God’s ways are not our ways…. I love that he surprised us with this little guy…because we never would have gotten the chance to fall in love with him had we been “in charge”. So yes…. we know how babies are made. We know how he got here… but God still surprised us. And we couldn’t be happier. 

So here is little Jack’s birth story…because if I don’t get anything else blogged this year… or this decade {which I’m hoping to change… I miss blogging. I miss sharing our laughs, our adventures, our journey} I want this little guy’s entrance into our family to be documented.

Fast forward 38 weeks….I was DONE with pregnancy. D.O.N.E.  We had scheduled our induction and I told my OB I was secretly hoping for a good story this time, having  been induced the other two times. You know… like my water breaking in Target or something CRAZY like that. She laughed and told ME I was crazy. So I tried every safe DIY home induction method under the sun to get that baby here… No luck.

There’s no dramatic story to follow… no water breaking in the middle of Target, no side of the road delivery. There’s joy, laughter, happy memories and a safe healthy delivery. And in the end that is all that matters. We went into the hospital at 5:30am on Tuesday August 5th. I had been awake since 3… ready to get this show on the road. The hospital was super busy and we got the very last delivery room.

This is what it looks like when your husband works at the hospital you deliver at. He slips into doctor mode. Why didn’t you just wear your scrubs babe? {Wait. Probably because they weren’t clean.}
Okay… that’s better. Soon-to-be-daddy-of-three-mode.
Our nurse had to be called in from home to assist in our delivery because they were short handed {and can I just say how THRILLED I am that they didn’t make me go home?!} She was a jewel. Jessica. I wish I knew her last name because she was amazing. She knew just how to keep us laughing and happily distracted during my contractions. When they got to be too much I called for  my epidural… my little slice of heaven… which didn’t take AND then 3 hours later I got to have a second epidural. But in the big picture… it all worked out. My OB got caught in a procedure downtown and was running late, so my second epidural arrived just in time. My OB (who is amazing… if you need a recommendation, let me know because she should definitely deliver your next baby) broke my water at 2:45.  At 3:20 I sent Mat downstairs to get himself some food… I mean surely it would be another couple hours…at 3:30  I felt some pressure, called my nurse … and sure enough Jack was ready to get this show on the road. FINALLY. My OB  had, ironically, gone back to her office to see a friend of mine… who I had joked with the day before that she wouldn’t get to see our Dr… because she’d be busy with me…oops!… She ran back over, I texted Mat who ran upstairs and 15 minutes and THREE {yes 3} contractions later little Jack Tucker Good came into our world. All 7 pounds of him. And we got the chance to fall in love one more time. The rest is pretty much a blur. Except that they gave him to me, I kissed on him and then all the sudden I had to pass him off to Mat because I started throwing up my {4} popsicles… {don’t judge… I had to endure 2 epidurals… I earned those popsicles…yeah right.}
My amazing husband was holding my hand with one hand and taking iPhone pics with the other. For real. And I’m in love with these pictures. They capture so much emotion.

We make all of our kids take pics with their OBs. Weird? Maybe. But lets be honest… those OBs are a huge part of the whole experience.
After the little puke fest, all was well. My parents and the girls came up and short time later and our little family was complete.
The Big Sisters… the pictures pretty much don’t need an explanation…ha.


The Good Family: Party. Of. Five.


And I guess it’s good that my water didn’t break in the middle of Target, because as quickly as that little guy made his debut… I think we would have had a delivery in the Home Decor aisle {because Lord knows that’s my favorite aisle at Target and I would’ve been looking for one last little treasure before heading to the hospital…}
PS… maybe the most hilarious part…. my fortune from Pei Wei that night. I kid you not. Didn’t I just say that God was hilarious. It’s true. He is.

by bethany


Emily Collins

Beautiful story. Jack Tucker is adorable and I love the series of iphone shots right after he was born. Classic and captured perfectly! Beautiful! :)

P.S. Who is that OB? Tulsa Women’s?

Loved reading this! Yay for surprises and Good Party of FIVE!

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