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27 looooonnnng years

Today my husband starts his first real job. Weeeeeeelll kind of. He washed cars at one point in high school. And used to work for a heart research lab in which he would fly around on jets and go pick up hearts and “boring” stuff like that;) And then he went to school for 27 […]

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i should be unpacking.

What. A. Week. We started last week doing the best thing possible… cruising around the lake with some of our best friends and our babies. We laughed, reminisced, cried a little (okay, I finally broke), and we ALL got up at 5am when the kiddos woke up and went on a little sunrise cruise around […]

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I don’t do goodbyes.

It’s our last night in our “house” as we know it. The packing has started. Boxes litter the floors. The packers come and officially kick this party off at 8am. {Oh and fyi… our house is “officially” under contract. Third time’s a charm. Let’s hope, at least} I’m trying to say goodbye to our first […]

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the crazies

Oh life. Sometimes you just gotta laugh, right? I can’t help but laugh anytime someone says, “so – how’s it going?” Ha! Where do I even begin?! But I have to say I know if I don’t blog this craziness, bits and pieces will get lost and I don’t want that to happen. So let’s […]

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t w e e t s
f a c e b o o k