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the l family {sneak peek}

Meet my best friend Cori. We’ve been friends a long LONG time. Like over two decades. {ouch that makes me feel old}. We met when I was 12 and had just moved her from Texas. The girls from my family’s new church all went out for pizza one night and I forgot my coat and […]

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two fingers.

Someone turned the big T-W-O last week. Or as she puts it, “two fingers”. Not sure who exactly gave her the permission to grow up so quickly, but it certainly wasn’t her father or I. Uggghhhh. So if you remember last year’s shin-dig, you know that my mom accused me of planning a wedding instead […]

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i should be unpacking.

What. A. Week. We started last week doing the best thing possible… cruising around the lake with some of our best friends and our babies. We laughed, reminisced, cried a little (okay, I finally broke), and we ALL got up at 5am when the kiddos woke up and went on a little sunrise cruise around […]

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I don’t do goodbyes.

It’s our last night in our “house” as we know it. The packing has started. Boxes litter the floors. The packers come and officially kick this party off at 8am. {Oh and fyi… our house is “officially” under contract. Third time’s a charm. Let’s hope, at least} I’m trying to say goodbye to our first […]

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t w e e t s
f a c e b o o k