Christmas 2012… Baby Jesus’ daddy is NOT Baby Jaguar

Oh blogging world. I’ve completely lost touch with you. What used to be one of my favorite things to do during naptime has gotten taken over by laundry, laundry and more laundry. Oh and occasionally catching up on my new favorite show Nashville. {It seriously needs to start again… I need something to fold laundry to…}

Anyways I have so much to catch up on… so many half written blog posts in my mind. Blogs about parenting, about Thanksgiving, (uhm, lets be honest… a Halloween post didn’t even happen. Campbell was a cowboy princess in case you were dying of curiosity and don’t follow me and my 1000 pics on instagram) blogs about running errands with two kids (I’ve got lots to say about that). Anyways. What better way to jump right in the new year than to capture a few of our Christmas 2012 memories. And heck, it definitely WAS NOT pukemas 2011. Oh my word, I still can’t talk about it… or eat Lox & Bagels without remembering the sound of the entire house PUKING while Mat and I ate Christmas breakfast (lox & bagels). Alone. Ugghhh… Don’t go there.

This was the first Christmas that Campbell actually GOT. It’s been a whirl wind month of decorating trees, going to see Christmas lights (at least once a week), baking cookies, attempting to do our advent calendar (we made it a few days further than we did last year… let’s hope by the time she’s 16 she’ll know the entire birth story of Jesus… At least we finally managed to teach her that Baby Jesus’ daddy was NOT Baby Jaguar… True story.) We visited Santa, wrote a letter to Santa, and did the whole Elf on a Shelf number. We watched Frosty, Rudolf & Charlie Brown. (Mat and I watched Christmas Vacation at least once a week…)

We really tried to focus on teaching Campbell that Christmas is about “giving to others and about Jesus” {Instead of Charlie Brown, like she kept responding when asking what the meaning of Christmas was} And you know what? I think she got it. In a way. She thinks that Baby Jesus literally lives in her heart (like a real baby. inside her chest. made for some funny comments and looks during that Christmas service at church) Don’t get me wrong, we love the whole Santa thing around here also…but we didn’t want to miss this opportunity to teach her life’s most precious Story.

It was a wonderful holiday filled with family and fun and some sickies. Mat’s parents joined us from Colorado. My brother and fiance came from Colorado and we all ate and drank and laughed. It was a wonderful time. We also shared some germs. Little Sydney had RSV, while several grownups had something icky (hey – at least no one was puking…) Campbell finished off the week with some germs of her own. And here we are ONE week later finally on the mend. (sick kids… that’s a blog post in and of itself. Is your child sweet and cuddly when they are sick? Count your blessings. Campbell is NOT. It’s been a DOOZIE of a week..a real doozie that I’m not even ready to talk about yet.)

I did a whole lot of instagramming and very little photographing with the real camera… but I did have a few I wanted to share.  There’s something about the first one that captures our holiday to a T. Campbell was – in a lot of ways – the only grandchild this holiday. Lets be honest, Sydney gets plenty of attention, but she pretty much just sleeps and eats… not a whole lot of competition for Campbell. C had 8 adults at her beck and call the entire time. She’d walk in a room and announce “Herem I am!” Yep. Needless to say, in addition to the sickies, we are in grandparent detox this week. So somehow, Campbell, in a tiara, cheesing for the camera with 3 doting adults behind her, kind of sums up the entire holiday:)



Little Sydney. Didn’t give us a whole bunch of smiles that day like she usually does. This was about as good as we could get…

and my favorite… snuck up on these two watching Uncle Marshall and Aunt Katie drive back to CO Christmas morning.

by bethany


1. IG is the new blogging. I just tell myself to make myself feel better since I’ve written two blogs in the past year I think.
2. Obsessed with Nashville too.
3. So what if you only took 3 pictures because all three of them are PERFECT.

We are missing some Campbell in the Miller house already. Coco wants to take her on another date!


Love your family pic, sorry about the sickies…at least you were all together!

Sorry about the sickies…ugh. That IS a post in and of itself! ;). Loved the family pic, and I was equally happy to see a new post today. You are a funny lady! 😉

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