Good Eats: Back at it

Man I miss blogging. Two posts in 11 months? Shame. The past few weeks I’ve been instagramming our meal plan and I’ve had some people ask for the links to recipes. I tell myself I’m too busy to blog…but come on… I can do this in 5 minutes. Right? {side note… the whole 5 minutes I was typing this, Syd was playing sweetly and singing Happy Birthday to herself. Sweet precious angel child. After I finished and checked in on her she had actually been water painting and added a mashed banana to the cup of water and then smeared paint all over herself and the floor. Awesome.}

If you’re new to our weekly menu’s…And seriously – they’re nothing fancy or mind blowing – but I know how I get stuck on menu ideas, so if I can help you out just a tad – just one mom helping out another..then you’re welcome.) I love to cook. Seriously love it. But the reality of three kids at mealtime is not typically a calm, quiet experience while listening to my Amos Lee Pandora station and sipping a glass of Merlot. In fact it’s no where close. Usually, there is a wild chase to keep Jack out of the dog bowls or toilet… some child needing a break in time out….another who decides it’s a great time to go in the pantry and eat snacks. You get the picture. And someone…anyone… is crying the entire time.  So time is of the essence. Most of my meals linked will be ready in under 30… or something I can quickly prep during their nap/rest time and throw together a few minutes before we eat. Also … we try to eat as cleanly as possible in our house. I would LIKE to say we eat 80/20…but here lately I feel like it’s more like 70/30. Or worse. Oops. Darn you summer. But I am serious about getting rid of as much processed crap as possible. So quick, healthy and delicious. And kid friendly. Because this momma makes one meal a night. For everyone. {You don’t like it? Bummer. Feel free to wait for breakfast.}

These are main dishes. We try to always have some sort of whole grain and a fruit/veggie with our meal.

Also. no laughing at my lack of chalk board skills. They’re bad. Real bad.

Here’s to hoping that I will actually get back to blogging again!

Monday: BBQ chicken wraps {leftover grilled chicken, smoked gouda, granny smith apples and red onions. Yum. Also… trying this mixture from Gracious Pantry for a clean bbq sauce

Tuesday: Shrimp Tacos {double the recipe & subbing greek yogurt for the sour cream}

Wednesday: Greek chicken salad pitas {loosely based off of this recipe with whole wheat pitas}

Thursday: Caprese sandwich {no link… whole wheat sour dough bread, fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, basil & pesto. Toasted.}


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1. Yessssss! Love when you blog.
2. Caprese Sammies are a Hash staple! I’m sure you do this, but if you grill the inside of the bread before assembling the sandwich it keeps the pesto and tomato from making the bread soggy.

Glad you’re back!

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