it really was a dance party.

Last summer I signed Campbell up for her very first big girl “activity”. Dance Class. If you read this post, you know that she was quite dissapointed the first day that dance class wasn’t so much a dance “party” and more of a dance “class” {Mom fail. I told her it was going to be one big party. oops} anyhow. It’s been an interesting year of dance class. I learned a few things about me, as a mom and more importantly, about Campbell, as my child. Among the highlites of parental wisdom, I learned that to Campbell, life is a party. A dance party. Duh. I kind of knew that, but it was confirmed during multiple dance classes when she would run around the room & jump up and down while the other girls worked on pointing their toes and twirling. Her teacher was very patient and would chase her around the room and help get her back into pointing her toes. For me, I learned I’m not a dance mom. There is NOTHING wrong with being a dance mom. Nothing at all. I just saw how STRESSED her recital made me…I was a basket case for a week before hand. And it wasn’t the actual performance – it was the getting ready. I was pretty certain she wouldn’t make it out on the actual stage for her recital. And if she did, that she’d just stand there (which is totally fine) Nope. It wasn’t that. It was the getting ready part. I’m as girly-girl as they come…but putting make up on and curling a 2 yr old’s hair was up there with studying for my comps while getting my Masters. I don’t even own blush people! And my lipstick consists of Burts Bees lip gloss. Thats it! And her two minutes of fame literally took up the entire weekend (And yes. It totally makes sense to have 2 & 3 yr olds ready for their performance TWO HOURS early and make them sit back stage, fully costumed with NOTHING to do while big kids danced. DURING THEIR NAP TIME. Brilliant. A HUGE thanks to my awesome friend Jessica who took care of our little cuties and kept them looking cute while waiting for TWO HOURS backstage with NOTHING to do. Did I say that already?! )

My favorite part of the year – by far – was the 30 minutes a week of guaranteed, uninterrupted, grown up talk with two sweet friends. We’d all stop at Starbucks on the way and chat non-stop while “watching” our little ladies. It. Was. Heaven. These three got to be sweet little friends and had a blast together. They all have unique personalities that are a riot to put together and kept us mommies laughing.

This was our last practice before the recital. Yes. Caroline and Campbell were riding each other like horses. They thought it was HILARIOUS. Ok fine, I did too:) And you can see why I was 99.9% sure that Campbell did not even know her recital dance….

These three STOLE. THE. SHOW.

Since we were all gone the week we did pictures, I did a very quick little shoot backstage…




And this is what I get from my child. Seriously. You’d think she never had a camera in her face. she REFUSES to look at my camera these days. Awesome.

Starting out… I was shocked she made it out on stage. And she stood there just like this. I was pretty sure that was all she would do.

And then she got comfortable.


And then she got her groove on. Like it was nobodies business.

Get it girl….

The pictures do NOT do it justice. If you’ve graciously endured the video I’ve emailed you…. thank you. Yes I’m that mom. “Hey look how cute my kid is?! I’m sure nobody’s kid has EVER done anything this cute at a dance recital?!” Yes – THAT mom. Sorry.

A HUGE thanks to this guy. He worked all weekend. All night the night before and he was STILL working up until dance time. He left the hospital for an hour, watched his little girl dance in her first recital and then headed back to work to keep working. MADE HER DAY. Love that man!

And a very special thanks to these two grandparents. They came, stood in an outrageously long ling (UHM, did you know you have to show up to kids’ dance recitals hours before hand to stand in line for seats?! ¬†thanks for having foot surgery dad so that we could get front row seats!! BAM!) ¬†They also “got” to sit through a “surprise” 1 hour competitive dance performance before Campbell’s. (did I mention I’m not good with surprises?? Especially when it messes up nap times, babysitters, and almost makes someone’s daddy not get to watch her first dance performance.) AWESOME grandparents!!


SOOOOO dance class 2013…… a fun time was definitely had by all. Thank you for your laughs, your lessons and your craziness…. but I think we’re off to gymnastics next year!

by bethany

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