Meal Plan Monday and Back to School nonsense

Did the past two weeks kick anyone’s else’s rear like it did mine? I mean I’m all ready for my kids to start school… and then they do … and THEN they become tiny, exhausted hellions. By the end of last week it was straight up Jerry Springer in the mornings before school. We were all a disorganized mess. AND I ONLY HAVE LITTLE ONES. I don’t know how you momma’s of big kids do it. I love all the before school pictures on the first day of school… all smiley-happy-la-te-da”… I’m pretty sure no one could post the same shot by the 5pm at the END of the week. But lets be honest… THOSE would be some epic pics. Add to the madness that momma got SICK… Moms do not have time to be sick… and tore some chest muscles with a horrible cough AND Jack was cutting all 4 top teeth and last week was straight up amazing. And I was definitely in the running for Mother of the Year. Thank the Lord for a new week and healthy happy kids (& mommy).

Campbell started PreK and Sydney started MDO. {I know… it’s not the same as most of you mommas out there… but still…kicked. my. tail.} She thinks she’s big stuff and has literally been praying for it every single night for a year..”Dear God, tomorrow I go dance cwass, I go pee-school. Amen” I dropped her off and as I was waiting to meet her teacher she literally told me to leave….”mom go bye bye. I play.” Geez kiddo. College drop off is going to be brutal with this one. Starting school with an anxious, driven first born is kind of the was ROUGH…especially by Thursday. If you have one you know. Pray for me. {Sweet Jesus take the wheel} All the more thankful for such an amazing school that just swept her up in their arms {literally} and went along their merry way.

We celebrated surviving the week with a day on the lake with some of our good friends! Definitely nice to end the week on a high note!

With all that chaos, meal time was less than amazing.  It was survival last week. Here’s hoping this week is smoother for all of us mommas!

Sunday: Grilled Chicken

Monday: BLTs

Tuesday BBQ chicken wraps

Wednesday: chicken orzo salad with goat cheese {I like ours with more lettuce and less orzo..but its good both ways}

Thursday: sweet potato & black bean enchiladas {because it’s practically fall, right? And bc OSU football is officially back starting Thursday night!}


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