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Two posts in two days. Look out. This is the stuff world records are made of.

If you are a mom of little ones or know many moms, you probably know that the post nap to bed time portion of the day is one of the most difficult times of the day. More specifically (at least for me) is the 4-7:30 time period that we affectionately call Power Hour around our house. Typically I flew solo during this time… not always, but more often than not. Some days, power hour is no biggie. Other days, it’s just chaos. It’s when I’m making dinner, cleaning up dinner, finishing projects from earlier in the day, marathon nursing Sydney, getting kids bathed & dressed for bed, clean the playroom, and yes still nursing. It’s nuts. ¬†Add to the fact that it’s january and I have a newborn which means we pretty much stay indoors and it’s just PURE CHAOS. I’m not gonna lie. I kind of dread this time of day. Today Campbell requested a dance party. “I just wanna dance mommy.” SO we pulled out some old school Nelly, Shaggy, Trick Daddy & Outkast. You know…the classy stuff… and partied down. Her daddy is MUCH better at dance parties … but while he’s at work, mommy will have to fill his shoes.

This was one of my favorites. It’s just oozing with sun-flare-iciousness. (is that a word? no? it should be) I’m kind of obsessed with the late afternoon/early evening light in our living room. And let me tell you, this girl can DANCE. She’s got moves.

Sydney enjoyed the show.

For Christmas we bought Campbell a real Fisher Price digital camera. Hilarious. It has like 2 pixels… horrible quality, but the girl loves to pull it out when I pull out my camera. Every dance party needs a photographer.

See mom? She really does smile. I fall more in love with this smile every day…

We did a little embrace the camera. Which is a little challenging with my 24-70mm lens, but you get the idea…Ignore the scary face, messy hair and the fact that its 5pm and I’m still in my work out clothes.


Potty training boot camp starts first thing tomorrow. Prayers {and wine} appreciated.

Why am I so terrified??

by bethany


Syd’s face in the first pic is awesome:

“Ummm, Campbell. You’re a little freaky. I’ll teach you some real moves when I start walking. Hang in there until then, we won’t let you go to prom like this I promise.”

Nothing like a good dance party to save the day! Your girlies are adorable.

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